Customs brokerage services

Customs procedures of customs brokers UAB "ELFANTA"

Filling in the general administrative document required for transit, import and export procedures:

Filling the import documents

Imports - the lawful introduction into the state of goods and services of a foreign country, usually intended for trade. The end user of imported goods is the population or organization of the country of importation and the seller / supplier is a foreign producer. Import procedures and formalities for customs in the European Union, as well as in the Republic of Lithuania, are regulated by the Community Customs Code. When importing goods from third parties, it is mandatory to submit a import dossier to the controlling customs office.

We fill in and prepare the necessary documentation for the import procedure:

  • Single Administrative Document (SAD), completed in accordance with the current procedure for completing import documents;
  • Declaration of value.

Filling out export documents

Exports - are the export of goods from the countries of the European Union to third countries. The customs procedure and customs formalities for export in the European Union are regulated by the Union Customs Code.

When exporting goods from Lithuania and the European Union, it is mandatory to submit an export dossier to the controlling customs office.

We fill in and prepare the necessary documentation for the export procedure:

  • Single Administrative Document (SAD), completed in accordance with the current procedure for completing export documents;
  • Packing sheets;
  • International transport documents for goods transported by road and rail (CMR, TIR Carnet, SMGS consignment notes);
  • Other cargo accompanying documents.

By contract, we represent the customer at the customs office.

Filling in transit documents

Transit is a customs procedure that allows persons carrying goods through a particular territory to not pay taxes that would have to be paid upon the introduction of goods into or out of that territory.

We prepare and complete the dossiers for the transit procedure.

Electronic and paper filling of cargo documents (TIR Carnet, ATA carnet, CMR) for transit cargo:

Filling in the TIR Carnet

TIR Carnet is a document recognized as an international route for goods transported by the Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention. Currently, the TIR Convention connects 68 contracting parties, including the European Community. The scope of the Convention covers the whole of Europe, part of North Africa, the Middle East. The contracting parties to the TIR Convention are also the United States, Canada, Chile and Uruguay.

The clearance of TIR Carnet starts at the country of departure. In the countries of departure, transit and destination, it is used as a control document for the TIR procedure.

For the carriage of goods under the TIR Carnet, the payment of customs duties and other import duties is guaranteed by an international guarantee. The TAR Carnet booklet is issued only to carriers belonging to the TIR Carnet Association.

We fill out the TIR Carnet and represent our customs at the electronic submission of TIR Carnet declarations in the NCTS system.


CMR consignment note filling

Convention on the Contract for the Carriage of Goods by Road.

CMR consignment note
is a document confirming the contract for the carriage of goods, which provides for the reporting of the carrier prior to the sender and the consignee, for international and domestic transport. It contains all parts of the route:

  • Details of the carrier, consignor and consignee;
  • Loading and unloading places;
  • Full cargo description - name, type and quantity of packages, weight and other details.

The CMR consignment note is completed at the time of shipment.

  • We provide services not only to European Community operators, but also to Lithuania;
  • We provide qualified free advice to traders on a wide range of customs clearance issues;
  • Based on requests from customs authorities, we prepare responses, reports, as well as other documentary material on behalf of traders;

Also, according to the customs broker's service contract, we represent clients at customs:

  • We prepare the necessary customs documents;
  • Physically represent the customer during cargo inspection.
  • We prepare Intrastat reports and submit them to the customs authorities electronically;
  • We mediate in obtaining guarantors of insurance companies;
  • We carry out all possible procedures for the sale of goods and their clearance in customs warehouses (export-•import terminals);
  • All transit, import and export procedures are carried out in UAB ELFANTA warehouses;
  • Entry to the customs checkpoint is not taxed.

Customs brokerage services