Why it's worth to work with us

  1. The area of modern well-equipped covered warehouses is 16500m2. The open storage area is 15000m2. This warehouse area allows you to accept and maintain projects of virtually unlimited size. Warehouses are modern, ventilated, non-dusting floor covering, using natural light. The goods are kept in racks, special storage containers, small goods are stored on storage shelves, there are warehousing zones for non-standard dimensions goods.

  2. In warehouses there are 16 mobile covered ramps and 4 side loading ramps. We can load 20 machines at a time, we load and unload more than 100 vehicles every day. We work not only on weekdays but also on Saturdays. Your cargo and vehicles will be served quickly and without downtime.

  3. We have both ordinary and customs warehouses. This is especially important for customers purchasing goods from third parties (such as China, Russia, the USA, etc.) - here you can store goods without having to follow the import procedure without paying VAT and customs duties right away. This can be very important in order to save on working capital. Special storage for storing dangerous goods (ADR).

  4. We provide cargo transportation services both in Vilnius and throughout Lithuania. We can offer you delivery at the smallest cost for both small consignments and full truck. Fast, high-quality and inexpensive - it's all possible with us. Fast, high-quality and inexpensive - it's all possible with us.

  5. Large loading machinery park - not only standard electric trolleys, loaders and stackers. We also have specialized equipment - a loader with a gripper for loading paper rolls, lifting up to 1,55 m wide rolls weighing up to 2 tons. A loader capable of reloading heavy loads weighing up to 5 tons. The shed is designed for oversized cargo that needs to be protected from atmospheric exposure. We strive to satisfy all, even your exceptional needs, because we understand that it matters to you.

  6. In warehouses we provide all possible warehouse services, including weighing, measuring, taking pictures, repackaging. Marking the goods with stickers - we are able to label over 20 thousand units a day goods with different stickers, which we print in various sizes and in all languages. According to customer's request, we supply all consumables (stickers, adhesive tape, film, pallets, tare, etc.).

  7. A modern and advanced warehouse management system (WMS), which will allow warehouse operations to perform much more efficiently, will allow customers to remotely order services, track cargo balances, view cargo documents and other information without additional inquiries or requests.

  8. Food handling certificate in warehouses - we can accept, manage and permanently store non-perishable foodstuffs. Such a warehouse is necessary for every company that sells food products. In the case of relatively small quantities of goods, it is impossible and economically inefficient to set strict requirements for public services in accordance with its own warehouse. We are at your service.

  9. A team of highly qualified specialists who are always ready to help and advise you on all matters concerning the storage of goods, customs and transport documents, transportation of goods in Lithuania, the territory of the EU and all over the world.