Cargo transportation by sea containers

Freight forwarding by ships is the best solution for cargo whose transportation there is no other option, just to travel by sea. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Carriage of goods by sea is the right solution if delivery time is not very important, as shipping takes longer.
  2. Cargo transportation by sea is available all year round, under all weather conditions and continuously throughout the day.


Sea transportation is one of the possibilities offered by UAB "Elfanta" for cargo transportation. Our team can arrange for Your cargo transportation by sea to all parts of the world. Our company employs are excellent maritime experts who are well versed in the process of shipping by sea, so we will offer you a practical, competitive and efficient solution that meets your shipping needs for sea transport.

UAB „Elfanta“, in cooperation with reliable partners all over the world, ships the sea to Klaipeda Seaport, from any country in the Far East, South-East, South, Central Asia, Africa, North and South America and from Australia.

The most popular dimensions of sea containers:

Container type




The volume

20' Standard

5.906 m

2.350 m

2.393 m

33.2 m³

40' Standard

12.036 m

2.350 m

2.393 m

67.7 m³

40' High Cube

12.036 m

2.350 m

2.697 m

76.3 m³

45' High Cube

13.556 m

2.350 m

2.697 m

85.9 m³


Compared to continental shipping, sea freight has much more advantages. First of all, this is probably the cheapest mode of transport used for long-distance cargo transportation. Secondly, the sea carries not only conventional but also non-standard cargoes. The heavy lifting capacity allows the transport of very heavy and bulky cargo. The use of containers for transportation by sea prevents the cargo from unwanted air damage, unintentional damage.

If necessary, we organize multimodal transport, combining several modes of transport (sea, air, rail, road transport). Your cargo will be in trusted hands from the time of loading to delivery to the specified location.


Main ports:                             

  • Russian Federation - Vladivostok, St. Petersburg
  • The Baltic States - Klaipeda
  • Europe - Hamburg
  • Scandinavian countries - Helsinki


Transportation of goods by sea is considered one of the safest and most common types of transportation. Today, shipping serves around 80% of all international traffic, despite much longer transportation times than land transport.

We give our clients an individual specialist who helps with all issues related to logistics and this allows our Clients to have full cargo control in their hands. Thanks to an individual approach to each customer, we can choose the most efficient logistics solutions. Experienced Elfanta UAB specialists will ensure that your order reaches any point from international network terminals and is successfully delivered to the final beneficiary. We have developed the company's activities all over the world, which enables us to offer the most favorable conditions for cargo transportation by sea, to provide a transport option that suits the customer's needs and at an attractive price. We carry out the transportation of each cargo with special responsibility, therefore we have a wide network of partners, which contributes to the quality of the order execution. By choosing our company's services, you will  sure that we take care of cargo transportation, ferry tickets, all necessary documents, shipping and delivery to the final destination. Sea Freight is an efficient and reliable solution. Having confidence in your cargo shipment, we feel calm, your cargo will be safely picked up and delivered to the specified location. All shipping documents will be arranged for you.


In cooperation with partners in Lithuania and in the world UAB Elfanta provides the following services for the carriage of goods by sea:

  • Container delivery to / from the seas port;
  • Container transport of partial loads (LCL) - shipments of different customers are assembled in one container;
  • Filling of documents relating to the carriage of goods by sea;
  • Customs broker services;
  • Pick-up and door-to-door delivery.
  • Chartering of vessels for large / weight cargo transportation;
  • Transport by special containers: Open Top, Flatrack, Platform, Reefer, etc .;
  • We choose optimal logistics schemes and transportation routes;
  • Tracking of goods;
  • cargo insurance;
  • Freight and quality inspection services;
  • cargo transshipment service at the port;
  • Carriage of goods by sea to (from) all over the world;
  • Oversized cargo transportation;
  • Provision of information on the movement of goods.