Road transportation

We transport cargo between the countries of the European Union, from the European Union to the CIS countries and from the CIS countries to the European Union.

Freight transport includes a complete logistics service package. Starting partial and full cargo transportation from / to Western Europe to / from terminal in Vilnius and ending with consulting on international freight transportation issues.

Shipment of partial and full loads:

Partial loads - these are usually small volumes and do not cover all transporting space. Several partial loads are consolidated into full loads and transported to the transhipment point or logistics center. There, they are transhipped to other trailers in accordance with the direction of shipment.

Fixed Freight (FTL) is usually a large volume and occupy a complete transporting space. These shipments are transported directly to the logistics center.

Transportation of dangerous, large and heavy loads:

Dangerous goods - also referred to as ADRs. In order to carry this cargo safely, strict requirements are imposed on both the driver and the vehicle. It is strictly forbidden to transport such type of cargo with foodstuffs or products containing lard with foodstuffs. By assuring your parts of dangerous (ADR) cargo to UAB Elfanta, you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered in a completely safe and timely manner.

A bulky and heavy load is a load that does not fit into a standard sized truck. Of course, each country has its own standards. However, in many countries a vehicle with or without a load is considered to be large in size if it exceeds at least one of the dimensions indicated here:

  • height from the surface of the driveway - 4.0 m;
  • width - 2.5 m (heat insulating vans - 2.6 m);
  • length - 18,35 m (with a semi-trailer - 16,5 m);
  • the load of the vehicle extends more than 2.0 m.

A vehicle with or without a load is considered to be heavy duty when its gross mass exceeds 40 t. or the maximum load on at least one axle exceeds 10 t.

Large and heavy loads, if possible, are transported in parts. These goods are allowed to be transported on land roads only if they can not be transported by other means of transport.

We collect, consolidate, store goods in the country of dispatch.

Door-to-door cargo delivery:

Door-to-door service - picking up all kinds of goods and shipments from the sender and delivery to the client. Advantages of this service:

  • The main aspect of such work is the customer's time saving;
  • Distribution across the CIS countries - transportation of cargo according to a pre-agreed schedule;
  • Delivery by combining cargo;

A complete customs procedure package is the completion of the general administrative document required for transit, import and export procedures. Also electronic and paper filling of cargo documents (TIR Carnet, ATA carnet, CMR) for transit cargo.

Operations with goods in the customs warehouse - unloading, loading, weighing of goods. Adhesive tapes, stickers, labels, excise and control marks and other advertising labels.

Warehousing services - unloading, loading, weighing of goods. Non-standard, bulky cargo service. Long-term and short-term storage of goods in the customs warehouse;

Cargo insurance -all shipments are insured by the freight forwarder's civil liability and carrier CMR insurance (up to EUR 250 000). At the customer's request, we insure cargo cargo insurance (CARGO). We fully control the entire freight route, we provide the customer with prompt information about the location of the cargo and the transport process by e-mail 2 times a day (in the morning and in the evening).

Advising on international freight transportation - we have accumulated a great experience in the field of cargo transportation. Therefore, we will be happy to advise you on all shipping issues.

  • Cargo transportation takes place:
  • Tilt trailers up to 92m³;
  • Autotrains up to 120m³;
  • Partial freight transportation;
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR).
  • Trust your cargo to the real professionals of your area! We will be waiting for your inquiries and orders by phone +370-5-2838215 or by e-mail