Storage services

UAB "Elfanta", which has been operating in the Lithuanian market since 1997, has extensive experience in warehousing of various types of goods. The company's warehouses in Vilnius provide two types of warehousing services:

  • European Union goods warehousing services adapted to individual customer needs;
  • All freely circulating goods, in accordance with the customer's requirements, are stored in ordinary warehouses;
  • All goods under customs control are stored in two customs warehouses established.

UAB "Elfanta" warehouses store goods in racks and shelves corresponding to the needs of the client, or freely loaded on the floor. Oversized goods, which do not require the temperature regime are stored in the designated area at outdoor sites and in the warehouse.

Specialized and consistent product maintenance, which we offer to all our customers, allows  to store items at the highest quality point without much hassle.

  • We store goods of any European Community and non-Community traders and individuals.
  • In the operating section of the railway, we unload and load various types of wagons, containers.

Experienced UAB "Elfanta" staff utilizes modern loading equipment of various lifting capacity (up to 5 tons) for stevedoring and transportation in warehouses. Upon request of the client, we order mobile cranes of up to 40 tons up to the warehouse territory. Special equipment for loading paper rolls. Otherwise called loader with grippers up to 1.55m wide rolls weighing up to 2 tons.

Taking advantage of the various techniques and professional skills, we can focus on each customer and its products, storage facilities safely, carefully and at best in the best price on the market. A successful logistics chain begins with storage, so we devote a lot of attention and time to this part. We know what customers expect from us and what quality store services clients need. We have the necessary experience and constantly improve the technologies used at work, therefore in Vilnius we are one of the leading companies specializing in warehousing services.

Warehouses use various equipment for servicing goods, marking, weighing, printing, etc. devices. At the request of operators, we supply all consumables (stickers, adhesive tape, film, pallets, containers, etc.). We carry out a complete inventory of goods movement in the warehouse, prepare reports on movement of goods, balance sheets. We sort, pack, measure, weigh, mark, select goods, make orders, organize their distribution and delivery. Correctly customized equipment allows you to constantly know about the balances of the goods, inform the client of the required stock upgrade at the right time and maintain maximum customer satisfaction and minimize the costs of running the business.

UAB "Elfanta" warehouses are located in two places. Warehouses with railway offshoot Kirtimų g. 51 in Vilnius and new type A warehouses in Lauko g. 15, Šventininkai km, in Trakai district.

  • All warehouses are heated so you can store temperature sensitive products in the cold season.
  • There is an open storage area near the warehouses.
  • Upon expiry of the time of the warehouse, we provide a free area for vehicles arriving by car.


Customs warehouses

UAB "Elfanta" provides services of "A" type customs warehouse services in Vilnius. In open customs warehouses it is allowed to keep goods produced outside the European Union free of import duties and taxes and without economic prohibitions and restrictions. These goods can be stored in the customs warehouse by all natural and legal persons and organizations of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union and foreign countries.

Operative cargo service at UAB Elfanta in customs warehouses shortens the time of delivery of small and part loads in the overall service chain.

We ensure the complete safety of the goods being transhipped and stored and the preservation of the merchant's appearance, from the moment of acceptance to the warehouse the goods are insured against all possible risks.

Additional warehousing services:

  • Unloading, loading, weighing of goods;
  • Non-standard, bulky cargo service;
  • Long-term and short-term storage of goods in a customs warehouse;
  • Cargo marking, packaging, preparation of places for transport;
  • Bonding, labeling, stickers, labels, excise and control labels and other advertising labels, marking of goods, insertion of instructions and other printed information into packages;
  • Preparation and customs clearance of customs documents for goods imported, exported or transported, and other customs procedures;
  • Provision of customs broker services;
  • Order management and real-time accounting of goods balances.
Storage services