Goods labeling

We provide our customers in our warehouses in Vilnius food, clothing and footwear, industrial, building materials, etc. goods labeling service. The requirements for most goods in Lithuania and in neighboring countries are related to proper labeling of goods (local description of goods, EAC stickers, etc.). Sometime, when manufacturers of goods do not pay enough attention to this problem, we are ready to help you solve it quickly and easily. After giving us your expectations in relation to the marking of goods, we will offer you the best and most convenient solution. In our warehouses, we have the ability to process large quantities of goods quickly (starting at 10000). We have experience with both simple marking tasks and complex tasks, when simultaneously we need to mark large quantities of different goods, at the same time, weighing the goods and checking the quantities.
You will be fully informed with all the costs, specific requirements, etc. conditions.

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